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  • Delegation requests

    Port Authority of New South Wales welcomes the opportunity to exchange information and ideas with visiting delegations. 

    To ensure visits can be accommodated and resources made available, please submit your requests in writing at least four (4) weeks in advance.

    Due to the number of requests that Port Authority of New South Wales receives, we regrettably cannot accommodate all requests.

    What to include with your delegation request

    To assist Port Authority of NSW to consider your request please fill out the Delegation Application Form.

    Delegations are hosted at our corporate office in Sydney (Windmall Street, Walsh Bay, Sydney). Delegations to our other locations can be arranged in exceptional circumstances.

    Port Authority of New South Wales will advise in writing if your request can be accommodated within ten (10) working days of receiving a completed Delegation Application Form.

    If a request is successful, Port Authority will work with the key delegation contact provided to develop an Agenda. Delegations will be allocated a Host for the visit.

    Please send your completed Delegation Application Form to: pphrachanh@portauthoritynsw.com.au

    If your request is approved please consider:

    1. Ensuring all delegates have a basic knowledge about the Port Authority of NSW so they can get the most out of their visit. Basic information can be found at portauthoritynsw.com.au/corporate

    2. Engaging a proficient interpreter to accompany the delegation, if required.

    3. That our vessel can only accommodate a maximum of 5 delegates for an on-water tour. Delegations larger than this will need to book their own vessel (Port Authority can provide contact details of charter companies if required).

    4. That delays to an agreed arrival time may impact the Agenda.

    5. That the Agenda is subject to change without notice (however Port Authority will make all efforts to keep any changes to a minimum).