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As required by the Government Information Public Access Act 2009 ('GIPAA'), Port Authority of New South Wales is to maintain a Contracts Register. This register is to include information on contractual engagements Port Authority of New South Wales enters into with third parties, with a contract value over $150,000.

It should be noted that under s39 of GIPAA, some contracts may be excluded as Port Authority of New South Wales is a State-owned Corporation and exceptions may be made if the contract relates to activities engaged in by the corporation or subsidiary in a market in which it is in competition with any other person.

Leases and Licences for property where Port Authority is the Landlord/Owner has been, as a class of contracts, excluded under s39 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 as relating to activities engaged in where Port Authority is in competition with other persons. 

Class 1 Contracts

Aid to Navigation Maintenance Services

Cleaning Services - Cruise Terminals

Design and Construct Glebe Island Multi-User Dry Bulk Facility

Marine Pilot Helicopter Transfer Services

No 8 Glebe Island Wharf and Pile Renewal Works

OPT Southern Roadway Works - Stage 1

Penrhyn Estuary & Port Botany Foreshore Landscape & Ecological Maintenance

SAP Sales and Distribution Enhancement

Security Services

White Bay Noise Attenuation Works




Class 2 Contracts

SAP Upgrade

Class 3 Contracts

Bond One Lease and Ancillary Expenses

Brotherson House Lease