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In accordance with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPAA), Port Authority of New South Wales keeps a record of all information that it releases in response to an Access Application. The Disclosure Log outlines Access Applications where access has been granted to some or all of the information requested and that information may be of interest to other members of the public.

Agency Reference 

Date Released


General Description

Public Interest


C14/1363 16/12/14 Released Documents relating to the tender for Expression of Interest concerning the Project application and approval at the area known as the "Baileys Marina" operated from White Bay Yes By Application
C15/0058 02/07/15 Released Documents relating to parking and traffic management on Friendship and Simblist Rds, Port Botany Yes By Application
C16/0314 19/06/17 Released Documents relating to traffic management, safety, signage and road markings on Friendship and Simblist Rds, Port Botany, in particular relating to the Truck Marshalling area and the Port Botany café. Yes By Application
C16/0327 20/06/16 Released Correspondence between the CEO of Port Kembla Port Corporation and other parties relating to BlueScope. Yes By Application
C17/0580 09/02/17 Released Records relating to confirmation by the agent booking tug jobs for the following vessels; Pointis, Pacific Vega, Spirit of Singapore, Xin Ning Bo and Hammonia Galicia Yes By Application
C17/0953 23/10/17 Released Documents relating to the the redevelopment of the Bays precinct and the location of Hanson Concrete Plant. Yes By Application
C18/563 24/08/18 Released Records relating to the weather conditions at and around the Port of Newcastle between 23 May and 7 June 2017 Yes By Application
C18/768 26/09/18 Released Records relating to Port Authority's response to a fire at D'Albora Marina, Cabarita. Yes By Application
C18/927 11/12/2018 Released Ship Movements at Port of Newcastle Yes By Application
C19/47 7/02/2019 Access granted in full Tender Documents - Newcastle Harbour Dredging Yes By Application
C19/48 26/02/2019 Access granted in part Proposal submission - Newcastle Harbour Dredging Yes By Application
C19/716 23/07/19 Access granted in part Information relating to the tenancy of the proposed Multi-User Facility at Glebe Island Yes By Application
C19/748-2 06/08/19 Access granted in full Use of Tugs in berthing the Marlin Lobelia Yes By Application
C19/748-3 06/08/19 Access granted in part Replacement of Fire Tugs Ted Noffs and Shirley Smith Yes By Application
C19/807 12/08/2019

Access granted in part

Information on the construction of the Kurnell Groynes Yes By Application
C19/808 19/08/2019 Access granted in full Information relating to the review of the Ports and Waterways Management Regulation 1997 Yes By Application
C19/1174 27/11/2019 Access granted in part Information relating to the selection of Yarra Bay for a Cruise Ship Terminal Yes By Application


"Open Access" Information - Mandatory Release information not made publicly available

As required by GIPAA s6(5), Port Authority must keep and publish a record of any 'open access' information (if any) that it does not make publicly available on the basis of an overriding public interest against disclosure.

A list of these documents or sections of documents and the consideration/s against public disclosure is provided below.

Type of Information Reason for not making publicly available
Port Authority of New South Wales’ Leasing Policy
  • Prejudice the exercise of Port Authority of New South Wales’ functions
  • Competitive neutrality