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    Sign up to our community notifications to receive information about changes to shipping movements and significant emergency response situations (e.g. on-water environmental occurrences such as an oil spill).

    Notifications about changes to shipping movements includes information about a breakdown of a vessel or an unscheduled overnight stay. It includes all types of ships relevant to the port including cruise, bulk, car, container and tanker.

    For shipping movements at the Port of Newcastle please view the live shipping schedule at cPORTS.

    Information for notifications are tailored by Port and are correct at the time of publishing.

    Port Authority does not provide update on AMSA drills. Enquiries regarding AMSA drills on board vessels in New South Wales can be made at AMSA Connect:

    phone: + 61 2 6279 5000

    AMSA publish an annual Port State Control Report under the Asia Pacific MOU on theirĀ website.

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